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When you have raised spots on your face or body that are velvety, shiny, and/or changing, you may be dealing with seborrheic keratoses (SKs)—a non-cancerous condition that’s diagnosable by a dermatologist at Maryland Dermatology Laser Skin and Vein.

While not usually harmful, SKs can be cosmetically bothersome. They are most common on the face—especially at the hairline or on the temples—as well as the neck, the chest, or the back, but they can also appear anywhere on the body. They may be the same color as or darker than your natural skin tone. They can be flat or raised. As you age, they may get bigger, thicker, or rougher over time, or they may multiply, with new spots appearing. It’s the raised SKs that are treatable with ESKATA.

ESKATA is the first and only treatment of its kind. Featuring a 40% prescription-strength hydrogen peroxide, it’s a topical, FDA-approved treatment that gets applied directly to raised SKs via a soft-tip applicator, similar to a pen. For many patients, it can be effective at reducing the look of raised SKs. Please contact our office to learn more about this revolutionary treatment option available to you.

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