How We Use Cookies

Please refer to our HIPAA privacy policy for any issues related to patient information and our privacy policy. This section pertains exclusively to website usage.

The Maryland Dermatology Laser Skin and Vein (MDLSV) website uses Google Analytics to track user information. We will never try to identify a specific person visiting based on the data from Google Analytics. It is used in a manner to track traffic as anonymously as possible.

You may opt out of Google Analytics here:

Types of Google Analytics Features Enabled:
The website will use cookies to track activity according to the standard functionality within Google Analytics and Google AdWords. Specifically, this website is using:

  • Google remarketing
  • Google demographic tracking
  • Additional Analytics features Google has available

How the MDLSV website uses Cookies:
The MDLSV will only use cookie data within the scope of Analytics and AdWords standard use for its internal marketing and business purposes. MDLSV does not sell this data to third parties.