Varicose and spider veins can be an unsightly and sometimes painful condition that affects both men and women, young and old. Red and blue spider veins can begin to appear as early as the teenage years and bulging varicose veins can happen after pregnancy or with age.  Both spider and varicose veins can most commonly be attributed to heredity, hormones, pregnancy, or standing for long periods of time.  Luckily, if you are affected by either varicose or spider veins, both are treatable.  Drs. Robert and Margaret Weiss and Dr. Karen Beasley have all authored numerous textbooks about vein treatment and frequently lecture on the subject at international meetings.

Treatment Options

  • Sclerotherapy – This treatment has been considered a top option for many years for the reduction and elimination of spider leg veins and small varicose leg veins.  Sclerotherapy involves a sclerosing solution (Aslcera®) injected into the target vein to dissolve the vein from the inside.  After the vein is dissolved the body naturally eliminates what is left.
  • VenaSeal – This treatment has the newest FDA approval for the non-invasive treatment of varicose veins on the legs.  Using a tiny catheter that is inserted into the vein, VenaSeal deposits medical glue to seal the vein shut.  This process allows the body to naturally eliminate the vein by automatically rerouting the blood flow to the surrounding healthy veins.
  • CoolTouch Varia – While Sclerotherapy and VenaSeal are great options for veins located on the leg, smaller, more superficial veins on the face need to be treated with a more delicate technique. CoolTouch Varia is a laser that uses a series of gentle pulses to penetrate the skin and heats the underlying tissue, effectively treating blue spider veins on the face.
  • CoolTouch CTEV – The CoolTouch CTEV is used for the treatment of larger varicose veins and has generally replaced painful vein stripping surgery.  This minimally invasive treatment uses a small needle incision to insert a fiber into the vein.  The inserted fiber is then moved through the vein, heating and safely closing it.  This process reroutes blood flow to the surrounding healthy veins, allowing the vein to eventually heal itself.
  • V-Beam Perfecta – This is another treatment that can be used on the more delicate areas such as the face. V-Beam Perfecta is a pulsed dye laser that selectively absorbs laser energy to heat and shrink problem tissue.  Diminishing the need for an anesthetic, V Beam Perfecta uses patented cooling technology to protect the surrounding skin.

Watch as Dr. Robert Weiss uses sclerotherapy Asclera® injections to immediately terminate unwanted leg veins.

Unsightly and painful veins shouldn’t be a condition you just have to “deal with.” There is a way to live a life varicose and spider vein-free! Call MDLSV today and schedule a consultation with one of our expert dermatologists to determine which vein treatment is right for you!

* Treatment results vary for each patient.