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VenaSeal works by delivering a medically-formulated adhesive to close damaged veins and reroute blood flow through nearby healthier veins.  VenaSeal™ is a venous reflux disease treatment that aims to reduce or stop the backward flow of blood.  By treating the diseased vein, VenaSeal improves overall blood flow throughout the body and can alleviate symptoms.  FDA clinical trials show that treated veins close immediately and stay closed permanently.

Due to their expertise and experience, MDLSV is one of the first providers of VenaSeal in the US.

Advantages of VenaSeal™ Over Traditional Methods

  • Adhesive vein seal allows for easy recovery
  • Only one needle stick is needed for treatment
  • No compression stocking after the procedure
  • Less bruising follow treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike other traditional treatments that close the vein with heat, VenaSeal’s specially-formulated adhesive seals the vein.  Treatment only requires only needle of numbing medicine and requires no compression stockings following treatment.  Most patients return to normal daily activity immediately following the VenaSeal procedure.

Most patients feel little to no pain during treatment. Typical side effects include temporary phlebitis (inflammation of the treated vein area) following treatment.

VenaSeal is not currently covered by insurance.

Venaseal Testimonial

“Dr. Weiss and his staff took the time to explain the whole spider vein process to me. He explained why the treatments and stockings are so important to get the best result. No one has done that at other offices. Dr. Weiss did a full exam with ultrasound, it was amazing. He explained everything to me.”


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