Winter has come and so have dry, chapped lips. Combat these lips by treating your lips right and exfoliating. The skin that makes up the lips is very thin, thinner and more delicate than other skin on the body. Because of this, moisture evaporates more quickly and dries the skin out, leaving the lips rough and blistered. Additionally, lips don’t have sebaceous glands which help keep the skin hydrated. Since the skin has no means of natural exfoliation, the skin continues to build up and crack, especially during the winter when there is already little moisture in the air.

To help this, use a soft toothbrush and lip scrub mixture to exfoliate the dead skin off once a week. Follow the exfoliation with a rich lip balm that contains SPF 30 or greater to hydrate the lips back up. Make sure to not exfoliate too hard and leave the lips red and raw. Exfoliating and moisturizing will help the lips from dryness, swelling, burning and bleeding.