Beauty products can be counterfeited just like fake luxury bags or watches. And while a fake bag may fall apart after a few weeks of use and have no other impact on the purchaser, fake beauty products can be actively harmful to the skin or just be a total waste of money and time. That’s why it’s so important to only buy beauty products from authorized retailers and avoid products sold online or at a flea market for a cheap price. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is! At Maryland Dermatology Laser Skin and Vein, we stock only trusted products from authorized cosmeceutical sellers. You can be sure that any product you buy from us is genuine, beneficial, and not outdated.

Fake Beauty Products are Not Effective

It may be tempting to buy a product online for a cheaper price, but there will be consequences in the long run. Counterfeit beauty products, such as moisturizers, serums, and makeup, have caused rashes, breakouts, and other unwanted effects. Fakes have been found to contain carcinogens and other harmful substances, such as lead or mercury, that can have serious consequences after prolonged use. Many times, authentic original containers may be filled with cheaper substitute lotions or serums. Or they may have been improperly stored, leading to product degradation.

At Maryland Dermatology Laser Skin and Vein, we work closely with our patients to customize a skin care regimen that enhances and maintains the effects of treatments such as laser skin resurfacing or a chemical peel. Even by themselves, these genuine skincare products work to keep skin younger and healthy. Dermatologist-tested, our products are formulated with the most effective and luxurious ingredients to keep your skin looking its best. Counterfeits can reverse any benefits that your skin reaps from cosmetic treatments and regular use of real beauty products.

How To Tell if a Beauty Product is Fake

Look for signs that indicate a beauty product may be counterfeit:

  • Outer packaging that looks like it has been rewrapped
  • Old or missing seal
  • Sold online at an obscure website
  • Sold from third-party sellers such as those at auction sites or flea markets
  • The website looks unprofessional and has grammar or spelling errors
  • The payment process on the website is not secure

Counterfeit packaging can be hard to detect, so the best way to be sure you’re getting the real deal is to purchase from well-known authorized sellers. If a website seems to have a lot of product in stock and is selling at a significantly lower price than normal, chances are it is not legitimate.

Here at MDLSV, we want to help you achieve youthful, healthy skin and keep it for as long as possible. Fake products may cause reactions in the skin that will have to be treated professionally and may cost you more in the long run than you saved buying the cheaper fake product. Be safe and only buy beauty products from authorized sellers!