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We ARE PROPERLY BOARD CERTIFIED by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) in our respective specialties.

We PRACTICE WITHIN THE SCOPE of our medical field, meaning we are qualified to perform procedures that fall under our respective specialties.

We DEMONSTRATE DUE DILIGENCE, especially in terms of patient safety, ethical integrity and reliability and are in good standing with the Maryland state medical board.

We ADHERE TO THE NEWBEAUTY EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD GUIDELINES, meaning we cannot be boastful, exaggerate results or discuss treatments done off-label without indicating them as such.

We CANNOT SUBMIT MISLEADING BEFORE-AND-AFTER IMAGES or suggest that we offer superior services that cannot be substantiated by fact.

We HAVE OUR PROFILES PEER-REVIEWED AND VETTED by at least two members of the Editorial Advisory Board.

Why you can’t trust any doctor…

It’s your body, your face, your skin, your smile. As the beauty industry authority, NewBeauty magazine insists that you only trust your body to a physician who is qualified in cosmetic enhancement procedures. In these pages, we profile the top Beauty Experts in the country, all of whom must pass our rigorous review and unyielding qualifications to ensure they are legitimate cosmetic enhancement specialists who are worthy of performing their specified procedures on you.

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