Ultrashape Power

Non-invasive Instant Fat Reduction

MDLSV is proud to be the first practice to offer UltraShape Power non-invasive body contouring treatments to Hunt Valley, MD, and the surrounding areas. UltraShape Power is the new and improved UltraShape system that is the first and only non-invasive treatment to use proprietary pulsed focused ultrasound technology to immediately destroy fat cells and deliver noticeable results in as little as two weeks.  UltraShape Power focuses on stubborn fat and cellulite on the abdomen that patients have been unable to get rid of with diet and exercise.

How Does UltraShape Power Work?

The UltraShape Power device uses ultrasound energy to selectively target and instantly destroy fat cells. The low energy intensifies as it converges on the focal point, allowing the device to target fat cells at a controlled depth without damaging surrounding tissue. The fat released from the destruction of the fat cells is then carried away by the body to the liver to be processed.

How Does UltraShape Power Differ from Other Fat Reduction Treatments?

UltraShape Power instantly destroys fat cells in the target area for visible results in as little as two weeks — faster than other body contouring methods. The treatment is safe and non-invasive. UltraShape Power treatments require no downtime afterward and patients experience little to no discomfort with side effects being rare.

UltraShape Power Before and After

*Results may vary for each patient.

This device is used to treat: