This device is no longer being used at MDLSV.

For similar results, we recommend Lumenis One.

At MDLSV, we have used the Quantum IPL from Lumenis for years. It is not technically a laser, using multiple wavelengths of visible light that are absorbed by various parts of the skin. It treats the blotchy red and brown discoloration of sun damage as well as improves the irregular texture of sun damage (the process known as “photorejuvenation,” “fotofacial,” “photofacial”). It is very helpful at helping control the symptoms of rosacea: reducing the redness, decreasing the intensity of flushing, and shrinking the enlarged blood vessels of rosacea. It is also helpful at fading blotchy hyperpigmentation and treating “sun” or “age” spots. At MDLSV, we have published journal articles on the use of this device.