What hair removal systems are available at the Maryland Dermatology Laser, Skin, and Vein?

We are committed to providing you with the most up-to-date and safest technologies for the medical procedure of laser hair removal. We have been working in the field of laser hair removal since the mid-1990s. As of 2007, we offer multiple devices that include: -Cynosure Apogee Elite with the alexandrite and 1064 wavelength -Iridex Gemini 1064 laser -CoolTouch Varia® 1064 laser -Lumenis LightSheer® diode lasers -Intense pulsed light (IPL) units (Aesthera PPX, Palomar Starlux, Lumenis One, Solis). Our trained and licensed providers including our dermatologists, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants will help you in determining what will work best for you. Remember, the total number of treatments required varies greatly from one person to another. Our goal is to help you reach a high degree of hair reduction with a minimum amount of side effects. The vast majority of our patients are very satisfied with their improvement, but results for laser hair removal and laser hair reduction do vary for each patient.

How do Laser and IPL Hair Removal Systems work?

Lasers and IPL for hair removal work on the same principle: the energy of light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, heating up and damaging the hair follicle. Through a series of such treatments, the hair shrinks and is usually destroyed, resulting in decreased hair. For some patients, it may last several months (with additional treatments needed) and for others it may be permanent after multiple treatments. Both men and women can benefit from this technology, which Drs. Robert and Margaret Weiss helped to get FDA-approved in the late 1990s. Both lasers and IPL have longer-lasting results, faster treatment, and less pain compared to traditional electrolysis. Drs. Weiss and Maryland Dermatology Laser, Skin & Vein offer several lasers and IPL systems to be able to treat almost all skin types. Newer lasers such as the Apogee Elite and the Cool Touch Varia allow treatment of darker skin types.

Why should I come to Drs. Robert and Margaret Weiss, Dr. Beasley, and Maryland Dermatology Laser, Skin, and Vein for my treatment?

With so many businesses opening to provide laser hair removal, how do you sort out where to go? Here at Maryland Dermatology Laser, Skin & Vein, we are uniquely qualified to provide the most effective and safest laser hair removal services in the area. We have the expertise, experience, and commitment in all areas of laser treatment of the skin. Maryland Dermatology Laser, Skin, & Vein, LLC is a medical office staffed with three of the areas premier dermatologists who specialize in cosmetic dermatology. Drs. Margaret and Robert Weiss have provided dermatological care to their patients for more than 25 years.

They are not only involved in the daily operation of their practice, but also in further advancing the science behind dermatology patient care. Both author publications, teach at the Johns Hopkins University medical school, present lectures at dermatology meetings in the U.S. and abroad, and perform clinical trials for research. Dr. Karen Beasley joined the Weiss’ in 2000. She also is actively involved in daily patient care as well as research and education, and teaches at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. All of the physicians have achieved Board Certification in Dermatology. We are dedicated to providing the highest possible standard of care. We abide by the declaratory rulings from the State of Maryland’s Nursing Board and Board of Physician Quality Assurance concerning the use of lasers for hair removal. In that ruling, only registered nurses (RN’s) who are directly supervised by a physician, a nurse practitioner, or a physician’s assistant, can perform laser hair removal.

Patient safety and adherence to the law are top priorities. Our licensed, qualified, and expertly trained nurse practitioners and physicians assistants perform all laser hair removal treatments here at MDLSV. Laser hair removal has been an important part of our practice for more than 10 years, with more than 10,000 procedures performed. Dr. Robert Weiss is a pioneer in laser development; he has helped to develop and refine lasers for hair removal. As a result, we can offer you the latest technology in laser treatments. We currently have over 35 different laser, light, and radiofrequency delivery systems available, by far the most in the Baltimore area. We have 9 different systems ranging from intense pulsed light, to diode and alexandrite to 1064 lasers for laser hair removal alone. Both men and women, and most skin types can be safely treated with these new technologies. Remember, there is no ‘one laser’ that can treat all skin types. The use of lasers by unlicensed, unqualified, people is a major patient safety concern to us. To make our services even more accessible, we offer evening and Saturday appointments. We accept cash, checks and most major credit cards.

Health insurance will not cover what is considered to be a cosmetic treatment, including laser hair removal. Payment is due in full for each treatment, at the time of your visit. Laser hair removal offers the greatest amount of hair reduction and longest effect of any hair removal method including electrolysis, waxing, plucking, shaving or bleaching. This makes it the best choice financially for long-term hair removal. Please call our office at 410-666-3960 or e-mail at hair@mdlaserskinvein.com for more information.

What do treatments involve?

Your consultation includes a medical history and skin evaluation as well as several test pulses with a device to see how your hair and skin respond. If your skin needs prescription medications for best results, that will be prescribed. As an example, treatment of the upper lip and chin can usually be done in less than 15 minutes, while a back may take 90 to 120 minutes. There is some stinging and a sensation of heat during the treatment that is minimized by cooling the skin. A numbing cream can be used to minimize discomfort. The devices used are much less painful than those used in the 1990s.. Typically each body area will require at least four to eight treatments over several months to achieve longterm hair removal. Many patients have achieved hair removal lasting for longer than 5 years, and we hope that these results will prove to last for years to come. Some patients need a degree of touchup treatments once or twice a year. Residual hairs become finer and less visible, and the majority of patients are very satisfied with their treatment results.

Are there any risks involved?

The main potential risks are of a temporary skin discoloration that may last a few days to possibly a few weeks. Less than 20% of our patients experience crusting or peeling. Less than one percent experience blistering. Very dark skinned patients have a greater risk of temporary scabbing and longer lasting pigmentation changes . The risk of a scar is very low. The treated skin is sensitive to the sun for 2-3 weeks so you should plan your treatments to avoid sun exposure during that time. It is risky to treat skin that is tan. It is very difficult to treat ebony skin without pigmentation changes. While the overwhelming majority of patients are very pleased with their results, we cannot promise permanent hair removal to all individuals. Please make sure that your expectations are realistic.

Can I get treated with Botox on the same day as hair removal?

Yes; Botox is still effective if performed after a laser treatment for laser hair removal, fractional laser skin resurfacing, photorejuvenation, and other laser skin treatments. It is important that Botox be performed after laser hair removal or after laser procedures.

* Results may vary for each patient.

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