This time of year many are so focused on preparing for the holidays that they neglect to pay attention to what the colder weather is doing to their skin. Unfortunately, if you don’t make the changes to your skincare routine necessary to protect your skin from the bitter cold it can dry out, flake, and crack. Fortunately, the board-certified dermatologists and team at Maryland Dermatology Laser Skin & Vein Institute offer multiple treatments and skincare products to fight off dry, winter skin. They also offer treatments that can help your skin look refreshed and more youthful.

SilkPeel Dermalinfusion The SilkPeel combines non-invasive exfoliation with deep delivery of patient-specific solutions directly to the skin without the use of crystal or other chemical exfoliants. It removes dead and flaking skin cells and stimulates the production of fresh young skin cells and collagen. It is a great advancement in non-invasive, non-surgical, skin conditioning.

Vivant ProPeel Vivant ProPeel is a safe and effective chemical peel used to dramatically improve the appearance of skin.  ProPeel removes dead skin cells and stimulates cell regeneration, collagen, and elastin growth in the deep layers of the skin, revealing clearer, more youthful skin.

Avene Trixera Balm Avene Trixera Balm is a daily moisturizer that provides 24-hour hydration, preventing moisture loss for moderately to very dry skin.

Avene Akerat Cream This full-body cream uses salicylic acid to remove thick, flaky skin and lactic acid to moisturize. Avene Akerat Cream smooths and retexturizes extremely rough, dry skin.

Skinceuticals Retexturing Activator This serum promotes proper exfoliation without drying the skin. It balances moisture levels by using hyaluronic acid as a natural humectant to bind the moisture to the skin.

It is important to remember to use a mild cleanser to avoid skin irritation and to thoroughly moisturize your skin directly after a shower.

If you are interested in the SilkPeel or ProPeel call to schedule a skin consultation today!  Products are available at our office or our online store.