BLU-U Baltimore

The BLU-U® 4170 offers effective, non-invasive, and pain-free blue light treatment for moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris, a condition affecting millions of adults, teens, and children in the United States. Narrowband blue light heats up the oil gland killing P. acnes, the bacteria primarily responsible for acne vulgaris.

The Blu-U® Blu-Light can also be used in combination with the Levulan Kerastick, a topical medication that sensitizes the skin to the light’s effect. This allows treatment of actinic keratoses, rough precancerous patches of skin, as well as acne. This treatment helps to minimize acne scarring which can result from unmanaged acne vulgaris*.

The device has also been featured in the news for the treatment of precancerous skin lesions caused by sun damage.

*Please note that results from this treatment may vary.

This device is used to treat: