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Fraxel The Fraxel laser treats the skin with multiple, microscopic bursts of laser energy that is "fractionated" like pixels on a computer screen. These multiple micro-treatments create "microscopic thermal zones" that cause a change in collagen and elastin over time and a series of treatments. It is a very controlled process. With each treatment, there are microscopic islands of untreated skin that allow for a fast healing process. MDLSVI was among the first to begin using the blue-dye Fraxel in 2004. In 2007, we upgraded to the Fraxel SR1500--a major upgrade. No more blue dye,and the treatments are more effective with less discomfort*. Wrinkles, sundamage, scars, and pigmentation can be improved with a series of 4 to 5 treatments spaced a few weeks apart. Besides the face, larger body areas such as the neck, chest, arms and hands can be treated. Redness and peeling usually last 3 to 5 days.

*Results may vary for each patient.

Are all Fraxel treatments the same?
Many patients are confused by the same term "Fraxel" used to describe several devices which have very different downtimes.  There are on-line reviews which praise it and others that complain about it.  Fraxel has almost become a generic name for fractional laser.  The different "Fraxels" and their use are summarized

  • Fraxel RePair - CO2 ablative fractional - harshest Fraxel - redness for 2 weeks or longer
  • Fraxel ReStore - Erbium nonablative fractional - for wrinkles and scars - much milder
  • Fraxel ReStore Dual - Erbium plus Thulium nonablative fractional - best with pigmentation, pre-skin cancer - milder
  • Fraxel ReFine - very mild fractional - mostly sold in Asia
The dermatologic surgeons at the Maryland Dermatology Laser Skin and Vein Institute are laser experts and can help explain which one device is best for you.

Before and Afters

Fraxel Before and After Fraxel Before and After Fraxel Before and After Fraxel Before and After Hand Rejuvenation Before and After Fraxel Dual Before and After Fraxel Before and After Fraxel Before and After Fraxel Before and After Fraxel Resurfacing Before and After Fraxel Resurfacing Before and After

Results may vary for each patient.