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Melt Fat and Tighten Skin with ThermiTight

The first cosmetic treatment of its kind, ThermiTight uses controlled radiofrequency energy to heat the inner layer of the skin to tighten up sagging areas and counteract the effects of aging on the skin. Minimally invasive and ideal for a number of different areas—such as the face, the neck, and sometimes the arms, stomach or thighs—this procedure is quick and relatively painless, usually completed within one or two hours of time using local anesthesia.

How ThermiTight Works

A small SmartTip thermal probe is placed beneath the skin, which has had local anesthetic injected, to heat tissues to a specific temperature. As the skin is heated, it induces a process that causes the production of collagen and elastin to tighten the area. Throughout the procedure, the physician is carefully monitoring temperature levels with sophisticated thermal cameras to maximize safety.

Advantages of ThermiTight

For a patient looking to restore youthfulness and smoother skin, ThermiTight offers many advantages: Unlike surgery, it is a quick, outpatient procedure that takes place within an office in just an hour or two. It is virtually painless and involves little to no discomfort as it takes place. It is also less risky than some other cosmetic procedures, and, what’s more, it is safe for various skin types. The most common side effect of ThermiTight is mild swelling, but even this usually resolves within a day or sooner. This means patients can not only see dramatic improvements in their appearances through ThermiTight, but also they can see these improvements quickly and conveniently, without major disruptions to their routines.

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