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Sclerotherapy Greater Baltimore Area

The Maryland Dermatology Laser Skin and Vein Institute offers sclerotherapy to treat varicose and spider veins for patients in the Baltimore area. This minimally invasive treatment for leg vein removal is used to successfully remove most spider veins. 

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy's method of treatment  requires a series of treatments where a tiny needle injects a small amoung of sclerosing agent into the veins. There is minimal pain and the treatments, over time, allow the veins to shrink and re-route blood to healthier veins. After the treatment is performed, the veins tend to fade within a few weeks, but occasionally it may take up to four weeks to see the full results*. For some patients, several treatments may be necessary.

In addition to cosmetic reasons, sclerotherapy can help relieve the aching or burning sensation that comes with varicose veins. The side effects may include bruising, redness, sores, darkened skin, and multiple tiny red blood vessels.

*Please note that results from this treatment may vary. Please contact our office to see if you are a good candidate for treatment with Sclerotherapy.