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Patient Testimonials*

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I will stick with the best! Thank you all again!

Dear All,

Just want to say thanks for the excellent & professional care I always receive in your practice.

I am impressed at the way you are handling the precautions for the COIVD and the clarity & ease for the patients.

Thank you also for patient appreciation and the savings you realized for me. I do save for my procedures, but would not go somewhere for cheaper. I will stick with the best! Thank you all again!

- L.D.B.


Thank you for always caring and taking such good care of me!

Dr. Margaret Weiss,

Thank you for always caring and taking such good care of me.  I am always so grateful and know I am in the best hands!

- N.B.

Dermatology Patient Leg Vein Treatment That Really Works

Dr. Weiss and his staff took the time to explain the whole spider vein process to me. They explained why the treatments and stockings are so important to get the best result. No one has done that before, at other offices I was only quoted a price only. Dr. Weiss did a full exam with ultrasound, it was amazing. He explained everything he saw to me.

-Julie T

I Had Numbing Cream Applied, Waited in a Comfortable Area, Then I got the Injections Which Were Painless

Everything went as smooth as could be.

The Doctor And His Staff Were Very Kind And Answered All My Questions

Had many ugly spider viens on my legs. I wanted them gone before my daughter's wedding in Spring 2012.

My Husband Loved the Results and I Will Be Back!!

Dear Dr Weiss,

I am writing to tell you how thrilled I am with the results of my Restylane filler.

As you know, I was quite nervous about the procedure and the results! You were wonderful- you told me what I needed and proceeded with a calm that made me relax & feel confident that I was in the “right hands”!

Your assistant, Nina is terrific, she is kind, smart, warm, cheerful & approachable. Everyone I came into contact with was pleasant.

Thanks you all for making my experience so positive.

My husband loved the results and I will be back!!

My Skin Looked So Good ... Thank You!! 

Hi Dr. Beasley, 

I want to thank you for the treatments you did on my skin before my wedding. I know I said I would email you some wedding pictures. I am excited to show you! Our photographer was great and it was the best day of my life! 

Thank you again for making my skin wedding ready! 

Best regards, 
Melissa Faulkner
Patient of Dr. Karen Beasley

Karen Beasley is an excellent Dermatologist. From full body skin exams to laser treatments and injectables, she is exceptionally skilled and has a warm bedside manner that puts patients at ease. I highly recommend her to family and friends and trust her with my own care, as well.
Why I Drive 3 Hours to Continue My Treatments and Care with MDLSV

When I moved out of Maryland 3 years ago, there were a few things that I knew I would not give up. One of those was the care and expertise provided by MDLSV.

Dr. Margaret and Robert Weiss have built a practice and environment for their patients that is calming, warm, and professional with the latest treatments in all areas of dermatology and body sculpting. Yesterday, I drove to have two treatments performed.

The first was a laser treatment by Dr. Halverson. He is a great addition to these skilled doctors and their practice. Dr. Halverson was so wonderful to talk to about what I was trying to achieve and how to get the best results. As with everyone in the practice, his expertise was outstanding. Dr. Halverson constantly checked that I was comfortable during the laser treatment. He has the most calming and professional personality and that is just what I want when I see a doctor.

The second was SculptSure that was administered by Fran Lorden PA with Cristi Myers assisting in this procedure. Both Fran and Cristi were wonderful and again took time to talk to me about what I was hoping to achieve and the best procedure for good results. The treatment was painless and honestly I could have taken a nap it was so comfortable.

I am excited to see the results of these two procedures in a few weeks! Fran, Cristi, and Dr. Halverson all suggested that if there were any questions or concerns that they were available at any time to talk with me. This is why I drive 3 hours to continue my treatments and care with MDLSV.

A long distant, very satisfied MDLSV patient

Dr. Margaret Weiss is Truly Remarkable!

An artist in her field. It is absolutely worth the hour and a half drive and expense for her treatments!


What an Amazing Job!

Dr. Beasley did an amazing job helping me get rid of my adult acne by prescribing topical treatments and the perfect low dosage of Accutane, which got rid of my acne without producing undesirable side effects. I also loved the three Fraxel treatments I had after my course of medication. Fraxel did an excellent job of minimizing my scarring and uneven pigmentation, and it helped shrink my pores.

- A.S.

Nothing Worked...Until I found Maryland Dermatology Laser Skin & Vein

I'm a woman approaching her forties who was primarily struggling with middle-age weight gain around the belly. Nothing I tried could erase the stubborn pockets of new fat, despite being at a healthy weight. I was too small to be prescribed appetite suppressants by a doctor, yet I still needed a little help where diet and exercise failed me. Partly out of desperation, I decided to lay down the money for Coolsculpting, thinking that if it didn't work, I would have to just give up and accept my changing body. A month after my first treatment, my greatest expectations were exceeded. Even my boyfriend, who was even more of a skeptic than I was before the procedure, looked at me one day and said, "Wow, you are so tiny!" That was the best thing I could have hoped to hear. I am still experiencing flattening along my belly and waist and am confident that if I hadn't had this procedure done, I would still be struggling and frustrated. I couldn't thank the lady who performed my procedure enough for how easy she made the whole process for me from the moment I met with her and she evaluated my body to the follow-up she continues to do with me via email.